My name is Karla and I am married to an amazing man. Let’s call him T. We have been married for just shy of six months and are enjoying the constant adventure of marriage. I am also a teacher. I teach 1st grade in a struggling area in a struggling school. Some days are easier than others, that’s for certain. However, I know that for now I am supposed to be at that school with those children. They need me and honestly, I need them. My husband and I are both California born and raised, a story to look for in one of my upcoming blogs. The beach is my solace, along with Disneyland of course.

I also struggle with anxiety. I have been through two rough periods in my life where my panic attacks have overcome me. Where I have felt anything but myself. It is usually induced by stress, but I realized after meeting with a therapist recently, that I was allowing myself to be guided by my own fear. She helped me to look into myself and turn the fear into forgiveness and the forgiveness into love and peace of mind.

My hope for this blog is to highlight moments where I find happiness, or moments where I struggle to see it but eventually find it. My hope being that others will be touched and affected by my daily dose of happy.


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