How deep are your roots? 

It’s only going to get worse. That’s the thought that played in my mind the past several days. I dont mean to contribute to the social media war, I hope this can be a form of a peace offering. 

Where are your roots? I am rooted in my family. I am rooted in the gospel of Jesus Christ. How deep do those roots grow? Would you fall over in a simple wind? Would your stem bend or snap? Or would you be shivering in the storm but standing tall with your roots firmly planted? 

If you have been affected this week because of the new LDS handbook policy change I plead with you to have an open mind. 

If you are not of our faith please respect the choices of a religious institution. Our country was founded on the premise of democracy and the freedom to worship as we please. Because of that we have numerous religions throughout our country. Each one with various beliefs and policies. 

Instead of bashing religions that think differently than you, please be respectful. When you verbally abuse someone’s religious views you are threatening that very freedom our founding fathers fought so hard to give us. Do not assume that our religious standards mean that we hate people of the LBGT community. We are a gentle people.  However we also have strict standards and commandments that we follow and live by. Just because we believe one way does not mean we are unkind or purposely trying to tear love apart. 

If you are of our faith please take comfort in the basic principles of the gospel. Take heart knowing that you have worked tirelessly throughout your life to nourish your testimony, a gift I hold dear to my heart. Don’t give up on that precious precious gift. 

While there is nothing wrong with asking questions or voicing concerns, be aware that this is the time where our faith is going to be challenged. The adversary is growing stronger every time we choose to let his thoughts drown out our own tesminonies. 

It is so much easier to doubt than it is to hold true to your beliefs. It doesn’t mean to follow blindly, please ask and wonder. If you have questions ask your Father in Heaven in sincerity, truly wanting an answer from The Lord. 

When you have a question kneel down in prayer. Beg, plead, ask for your Heavenly Father to help your mortal spirit understand these changes. He wants to help, He wants to hold you and comfort you. 

I don’t claim to understand these changes, I myself have had questions. But I know that when we rely on prayer and we ask with a scincere heart, we will allow The Lord to enter our hearts and provide us with the answers we so desperately seek.

Remember, we, together as brothers and sisters, jumped for joy for Heavenly Fathers beautiful plan. We knew it would be hard, we were saved for this time. Each one of us were chosen to come down at this time. We were saved for a purpose. Ask Him what that purpose is, and listen to the answer you receive.

How deep do your roots go? Do you use the tools necessary to deepen those roots if you need to? Do you trust the gardener that wants to see you grow? 


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