The pursuit of kindness 

Sometimes it’s hard to be kind. That’s just plain and simple truth. 

Today I came to an important realization. It’s harder to be kind than it is to be unkind. 

You can be polite. You can fake your way through a conversation. But to actually go out of your way to be kind is something entirely different. 

There were times in my life I wanted to be unkind. It would have been easier to give my usual sassy remark. To roll my eyes, to become offended. And often times I would. 

Yet lately, especially today, something inside of me whispered “be kind”. It was a humbling prompting, one I would usually shrug away and replace with the aforementioned sass. But today I stopped and thought, maybe it would be better to be kind. 

When you think about it, we are all going through our own difficult journey. It is so easy to become self centered and think how an interaction affects you. It is so easy to become defensive and try and protect yourself. However, I have realized that worsens a moment rather than alleviates it. Instead think of what the other is going through instead of how they might be affecting you. 

The thought occurred to me today that  even Jesus Christ may not have loved the interactions He faced throughout His life. But He treated each one with kindness and commanded us to “love one another”. I think we could all use a little bit of His love and example. Not only would we be emulating Him, but I believe we would all be a little bit more happy. 

I have met many people in my life who have chosen to react kindly to situations. They always seem to be the lightest and most free. I want that for me. 



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