My take on #lovewins

Everyone deserves to be happy. But not everyone has to agree with your form of happiness. I hesitate as I write this post, only because I mean no harm. I want no conflict. I only wish to express myself at this confusing time for me. 

I say confused because that’s exactly how I feel about the supreme courts decision today. I feel conflicted. I look back on my senior year of high school in Southern California, where I fully supported Proposition 8. Where my family put a sign out every morning and took it down every night in fear of having our property damaged. Or watching the precious and sacred LA LDS temple swarm with SWAT members in fear of an attack.  Or worrying that my car would be keyed because of my “yes on prop 8” sticker. I remember intensely watching the polls and seeing the “yes” on proposition 8 soar above the “no”. 

And I remember how it felt when it was overturned, again. 

I thought about how sad it was that we were so afraid to stand up for what we believed in. That’s how people on both sides must feel. It’s too bad. Now a stand has been taken, the Supreme Court has once again ruled in what they consider the publics best interest. 

As I think about this decision I just ask: if we learn to respect you, can you learn to respect us?

People who disagree with this lifestyle are not monsters. We have grown up in a different lifestyle with our own set of challenges just like the next person. There is no need for the term “pride” to be thrown around, instead maybe we could turn to love and understanding. Maybe even toss in a little respect. 

Now I don’t claim to understand the depths of the checks and balances. I don’t understand many things. I’m young, even naive sometimes. I have a lot to learn still. Yet, I sat here today in awe of the back and forth littering my social media. Rainbow profile pictures verses slews of how wrong the decision was. Hence my confusion. 

On the one hand I wanted to be happy as I read the #lovewins hashtag. Who doesn’t support love? And I wanted to think, “where is the harm?”. There is none. At least not outright. 

While the majority of me felt off. What about members of various religions that will be challenged to marry couples that do no hold the standards they teach on Sunday? Will that become another fight for who has what right? What about schools having to teach sex education? How will that change? I honestly don’t know. 

And then I thought about the basics. God. His plan of happiness that started with a man and a woman-pretty specific. But we were also sent here to earth to have our own agency. To choose our path back to Him. In the end it is not our judgements that will matter. So why not leave it in His hands and follow the example of love He left? 

Would it be so horrible to respect each other’s wishes without forcing anything upon the other? If it were possible then I believe in the hashtag #lovewins. Love wins when people love each other and respect one another’s decisions. It does not mean we agree with each other, it means we respect. We respect each other and try our best to live in harmony. We do not force opinions or argue points. Let’s be honest, this has been coming for a while. Arguing will do no good. 
This goes for both those in favor and those opposed. We need to love one another. No where in the scriptures does it say agree with each other on everything. It does say to love one another. If we can do that, then yes, #lovewins. 


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