Sweet Nothings

Sometimes I write free verse poems. It helps me sort my feelings out. I’ve realized it’s important to have an outlet, something that can keep all of your thoughts and feelings and hold them close, especially when those thoughts and feelings are too important or deep to be kept inside.

Here are three that I have written when the writing starts to itch inside of me, where I can hold it in much longer. I hope you have an outlet to help you heal; to help you speak.

I‘m me and that’s who I want to be

Not stick thin
Junk in the trunk

Not size 00
Size 4, 6, or 8

Not platinum blonde
True brunette

Not perfect
A work in progress

And yet I forget to see
What I actually can be

A woman with poise
A woman with curves
A woman with passion
A woman who tries
A woman who dares
A woman with beauty in all affairs

If our world would promote inner beauty
And inner depth
How far we could go
What good we could do
If only you chose to just be you

There’s a place I go
Away from home
Where everything has a place
But not a place for everyone
I go and try to feel like me
And end up just wondering
How can I be me?
My ways are different
I’m not the same
I act different
I do things strange
I stumble on words
I stand out
But I don’t care
Be you
Be free
Don’t let anyone stamp you out
It’s ok to be different
If we were all the same
What would we have to gain?

#3 about my sweet T

Falling asleep next to you
Is like eating a peach on a summer day
Or holding a newborn babe
It stirs in me
What I need
To move on to the day to day
I feel your warmth
Your protecting thoughts
We don’t speak, but I know you’re there
I hear your breath and feel relief
That you’ll be there
For one moment
For a week a month a year
Hopefully many more
And I know God blessed me
With abounding love always near



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