Some days I am just so sentimental. T would probably say that’s most days. I mean I teared up watching Master Chef Junior finale last night. Come on! Those little kids making gourmet meals, and you can’t choose both as winners? Tear jerker. I seem to be constantly filled with too many feelings and emotions.

Today I felt sentimental towards my wedding day. It will be 8 months tomorrow since that beautiful sunny day. Time doesn’t seem to ever slow down or let up, but I will always want to freeze that day. With him.

In the last eight months I’ve learned that marriage is anything but perfect or an easy ticket out of single life. It is more than just intimacy and playing house. I knew all that coming in, but not to the extent I do now.

Marriage is a sacred vow, a sacred space, and a sacred peace that fills the soul.

Through my marriage I have learned I have a lot to give and a lot to work on. I have learned that everything I do affects not only me but someone else. Everything. I have learned I can’t have it my way. I have learned to be considerate. I have learned to say sorry and mean it.

And most important I have learned to give my whole self. Not just when I feel like it, not just when it’s convienent, not just half heartedly–but completely and wholly immerse myself in such a beautiful commitment and relationship.

So T, thank you for being my guy. And thanks for letting me be your “girl worth fighting for” (Mulan anyone?)

I’m grateful for sentimental moments–it means I have feelings. It means I have something dear in my life.

And I’m grateful for pictures that freeze precious moments like this one. This moment captures our first few minutes as a married couple. Family and friends were greeting us and we couldn’t stop smiling because we had promised to be together forever. We were starting our forever as we walked out those doors and all that mattered was that we were each other’s. What a perfect moment.



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