Positive Affirmations

I need more positive affirmations in my daily life.

Ever seen this video? It’s my favorite for reminding myself I need affirmations. I feel all too often we get up, get ready, go to work, come home, and sleep. It’s a cycle that can become almost a burden. That’s not how life should be.

This post is dedicated to positive affirmations. Or “I believe” statements.
The hope is to create positive energy that boosts you through your day. Take time today and write down your positive affirmations. Repeat daily for a week before you leave the house. See if it makes a difference in your attitude.

Today was one of those days where I felt like I was the smallest being on the planet. Even among my six year old friends, I felt smaller. Lately I have felt alone and unprepared. Demands are being thrown at me and then changed the next day. It is like mental whiplash. I feel behind and full of negative energy. It follows me home like a cloud of constant darkness over my head. Too much to do. Not enough time. Body aches and pains. Headaches. Happiness trials. The desire to make changes but to no avail. It’s exhausting. But should it be?

Ever seen the cartoon of one man walking down a path surrounded by devils? The caption below reads “Man doing good”. In the box beside there is a man walking with only one devil tempting him. His caption reads “Man doing poorly” or something to that effect.

It would seem that the one doing his best would have less devils and hardships. But it is actually the opposite. He is more laden with troubles and temptations but is confident enough to ward them off.
While the other man has given in so much that he only needs one devil near him to keep him down.

Sometimes it is nice to remember that when I am feeling down, it could be because I have a lot pushing against me but I am fighting back daily. When I let the negative forces get to me I remember I am stronger.

So here are my positive affirmations, and I encourage you, my wonderful readers, to write then down and share your success stories with me! I would love to hear!

I am a strong confident woman.
I stand up for what is right.
I work first then play.
I am proactive.
I am a beautiful woman.
I am a confident and gifted teacher.
I am a caring and forgiving wife.
I am willing to try new things.
I take time for myself every day.
I care about what I put into my body.
I believe every person is a child of God.
I pray every day.
I am not too proud to ask for help.
I am a talented singer and share my talent often.
I take pride in my appearance.
I am constantly trying to better myself.
I care about people and show it through my smile and kind words.



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