There are days and then there are moments. Some moments are hard some are great but each day is made up of moments. 1440 moments to be exact. But aside from time moments are more so ideas thoughts feelings. All three incorporated into one usually. For women they seem to be usually all mixed up. I imagine myself being able to see inside my own head and watch the thoughts swirling around. I get dizzy just thinking about it! And yet I picture that part of myself grasping for a thought to just stare at for a moment before I get plowed over by another to do list or worry item.
Lately I have been really itching to write again. I use to write all of the time as a child. Typically I wrote make believe stories or poems. My little brain was always swirling with ideas. I miss those times of make believe play instead of worry worry worry. Becoming a grown up tends to make you worry more than imagine. As a child I always had a notebook with me and a pencil or some colorful writing instrument. I would bring it with me everywhere! Yet as I continued to grow and develop I became racked with worry, and my notebook fell behind awaitng dust bunnies.
How sad. I had life experiences that definitely aided in the reason for worrying, but alas we all choose how we react to worry circumstances. Well I have realized lately that the way we react to situations determines how we feel later on. Sure there are mood swings and things out of our control. But our reactions are actually in our control.
If everyone could grasp that concept I think this world would be a much happier place.
For example my husband came home from playing basketball upset and annoyed. Naturally a reaction took place. I went from singing and dancing to withdrawn, hurt, and moody. Later in the evening we talked about it. And my wise man pointed out “you were happy three hours ago, you were happy when I walked in the door”. I didn’t see how wise this comment was until now after we are both in bed and he is peacefully sleeping next to me. You see, he understands that I reacted poorly, when in my mind I didn’t. At least not until now, while I foolishly lay in bed thinking why did I choose to react that way? Sure I could blame it on sports, or him. But if I had just chosen to react a different way our night would have gone differently. He would have gotten over it (just like he did anyways) and I would have been able to just be happy instead of be upset. I chose to feed off of his unhappiness, instead of turn the situation around with happiness. See how this works? There is no need for negative reactions. Unfortunately it is a constant struggle in human nature, and a constant burden to react positively. It’s actually almost easier to react negatively than positively.

So hear I am writing. Thank goodness for an outlet. Thank goodness for the journey. Thank goodness for hard moments to look forward to the good. I hope to make this a safe haven for those needing happiness, along with the thoughts in my mind.

I will highlight happy people, moments, places, feelings throughout each week in order to complete my happiness project. My hope is to reach others who are actively searching for happiness, and eventually have them (or you) share their happy.

“If nothing ever changes, then there’d be no butterflies” -Unknown


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